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Who Is My Neighbor?

Interaction with others is essential to being a Christian.  After all, how are we going to be “the light of the world” and “the salt of the earth” if we never interact with the people around us (Matt. 5:13-16)?  The apostle Paul knew this to be true, for it is recorded, “I wrote unto you

The Good Shepherd

While on this Earth, Jesus was referred to in different ways.  Many know Jesus is the Son of God.  Others realize that Jesus is also the Son of man.  These two designations indicate the Deity of Christ, as well as His manhood.  Another of the more well-known references is when Jesus said, “I am the

Worse And Worse

The third chapter of Second Timothy is both revealing and depressing at the same time.  Please do not misunderstand me, I am not demeaning any part of the Word of God.  I am simply expressing how one can feel when he reads that chapter, and then compares it to the modern-day problems that exist.  Let

Why We Should Rejoice

It is truly saddening to know that there are so many people bowed down in sorrow and dismay. This sadness is not just found in those in the world, but also it is found amongst members of the body of Christ. While I am not trying to diminish anyone’s situation in life, Christians should be,

Calling Out False Teachers

From time to time, there are certain individuals who express a concern about identifying and exposing those who teach doctrines contrary to the Law of Christ.  Sometimes the thought might be that by doing such, matters might get worse.  While that may seem true in the immediate future, we must never stop taking a stand

The Fear Of The Lord

          I will just come right out and say it!  Many do not fear the LORD.  I do not say that with any joy.  It is a terrible thing that exists in a large part of the world.  However, we should not begin to believe that this is the first time that such a lack

Be Thou An Example

A lot of us have a certain someone from our pasts that was a mentor/example.  For some it was a grandparent or parent.  For others it might have been a close friend that took someone under his wing.  Regardless, the impacts made in the lives of others are extraordinary.  For some of us, that example

How Often Do You Look? Part One

You might be wondering about the title of this article. After all, there seems to be something missing. How often do I look at what? The answer lies in the first chapter of the book of James. In the context of teaching that a man must not only be a hearer of the Word, but

Careful And Troubled About Many Things

I imagine that most of us have had company come to visit us at some time. That occasion probably brought about the desire to clean and “spruce up” our homes. There is nothing wrong with having a clean home, but we should not let the trivial matters override the main focus. We are going to

What Will It Be Like?

Often times, mankind fears the unknown. Being ignorant about a certain thing seems to amplify the apprehensiveness. With that being stated, many people do not understand what it is going to be like after we die. Granted, we are limited in the amount of information that has been revealed to us by God, but we